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  • homeschool day – from Caribou to Coffee

    We spent Monday with a group of energetic and enthusiastic Yukon Homeschool kids on two learning outings. It was a great way to start the week and luckily the weather was in our favour – big blue skies and only -8c when we started off. Our morning was spent at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve where the kids […]

  • Ottawa – a homeschool playground

    Hunter and I extended our usual Ontario trip by 5 days and headed eastwards to Ottawa to kick off the school year and immerse ourselves in all things Canadian History and Government related. We talked Grandma Lynne into joining us for the week and kicked things off by venturing four hours east down the rails […]

  • Unschool vs Homeschool vs Traditional School

    Our educational experience for Hunter has definitely been a journey. We attended a traditional french immersion school from kindergarten until the end of Grade Three. Concerns about classroom size, social environment and actual learning brought about the shift in Grade Four to attend the first Montessori school in the Yukon, which provided a solid learning environment […]

  • Homeschool weekend fun

    I am learning that homeschool doesn’t really function on a monday to friday 9-3 kind of schedule. I grab the learning opportunities when ever I can. I am also learning that if I just share something with Hunter, saying something like “check out this cool video” then he doesn’t consider it as part of his […]

  • The school of life – our first BIG decision

    Our first big decision has come and gone with respect to what our “new normal” will look like – we have made the decision to keep going with homeschooling Hunter next year. I have absolutely loved the experience this year while travelling – it has given us a front row seat to see what excites […]