Homeschool weekend fun

chocolate chip cookies

I am learning that homeschool doesn’t really function on a monday to friday 9-3 kind of schedule. I grab the learning opportunities when ever I can. I am also learning that if I just share something with Hunter, saying something like “check out this cool video” then he doesn’t consider it as part of his school work and we get to learn some really interesting things, with no pushback! (Tricky mom stuff…)


I came across an article about how to make the best chocolate chip cookies  and it had a scientific bent behind it with respect to experimenting with ingredients and their individual reactions to get different results. OK – this is something fun we can do…Baking is also great for math – all that measuring and combining.

Then I found this Ted-Ed video (I LOVE Ted-Ed video’s as they do such a great job of making information fun) and it went ahead and really explained the science behind baking cookies.

We had fun baking cookies this morning and doing some experimenting. We added extra flour to our standard recipe to get puffier cookies and then also tested out using parchment paper vs cooking spray and the difference between having 2 trays in the oven vs cooking one at a time. For all those that are curious – the puffiest cookies came by using cooking spray and having only one tray in the oven at a time (on the top rack) to capture that consistent heat at 350c.

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