Canyoneering in Catalonia

Tim and I managed to sneak in a canyoneering session on one of our final days in Sort, Spain. The team at ExploraGuise was amazing to work with and we ended up with a personal guided tour of the Infern canyon… It was soooo much fun – we recommend both the canyon and the company to anyone that ends up in this region. They provide all of the gear and have excellent guides that speak multiple languages.

The Infern canyon is about 30 minutes south east of Sort back towards Barcelona. It is a slot canyon with water running through it that runs into the Nolagese river.

Things start off with a zip line across the river followed by a 20 minute hike UP the side of the “mountain”and another 10 minutes down towards the canyon. With the temps being up around 30 c (90f) we were pretty wiped out after the hike and really looking forward to the chilled air of the canyon and the cooler water.

The Infern canyon is a series of rappels and jumps intermixed with some fun slides and walking through water.



The first rappel was about 20 feet and got you back into the groove of things. The next rappel was about 30 feet and you ended up going straight through a waterfall. I was definitely thankful for life as a kayaker and feeling comfortable holding my breath under water,

Rappel number three was a big one – down into a big dark cave and the rope is just long enough so you drop into the water at the bottom. As you are coming down you can’t see a thing and the wall falls away so it’s just you and the rope, which is a bit freaky…

The next big drop we were given the choice of rappelling (which takes time to set everything up) or just jumping. I’m not crazy about heights unless I’m in a harness so the jumping thing wasn’t great news.At the same time I knew I could do it so… comfort zone pushed and off I went!

The remainder of the canyoneering was a mixture of slides and small jumps. It was a fabulous adventure and we totally recommend both the company and the Infern canyon!

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