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Father’s Day on the Wheaton River

hunter Tim shuttle vehicle

After sitting around in a funk and watching the water on the gauge at the Wheaton level not move much above 15, we decided to head out for a father’s day run. Hunter was also feeling quite anxious about his first solo run down the Wheaton so we wanted to get that out of the way before it turned into a much bigger deal.

wheaton valleyThe Wheaton is in a beautiful valley about an hour south of Whitehorse. The river winds through the mountains and the scenery is breath taking, even on a cloudy and rainy day… It is also in the middle of no-where, which means that you need to be self sufficient for shuttles if you are going on your own. We took our handy ATV as our shuttle vehicle and it worked great – we can just fit the three of us plus three boats, paddles etc. on it!

wheaton valleyWith the levels as low as they were, the paddle was fairly uneventful. Lots of time spent practicing eddying out in small spaces, managing sweepers and catching TINY surf waves. Great to get this under Hunter’s belt and we are ever hopeful that the water may come up higher, but we sure aren’t holding our breath for it!

Wheaton River – Yukon

wheaton river group shot

Yukon rivers are all snowpack fed and it’s always a crapshoot as to when the flows will happen. All paddlers in Whitehorse become amateur meteorologists come late May and there are daily discussions about comparisons of snow pack to last year and recent rain levels all in an attempt to figure out when the Wheaton River is going to “RUN”.

It’s a class 2/3 river that is about 45 minutes out of town and is located in the midst of an incredibly scenic river valley. It has a couple of different put ins depending on water levels and can either be a great half-day paddle on the weekend or a quick run after work during the week.

Local companies Yukan Canoe and Tatshenshini Expediting run courses on the Wheaton for anyone interested in learning more and experiencing the river.

This year the river ran in early June for a few weeks, quickly dropped and then came back again in early July thanks to multiple days of continuous rain.

Here are a few fun photos of one of our trips out – higher water levels lead to creative shuttles (ATV & trailer) and this year it opened up a channel that we don’t normally run and there was a near miss in the group with a canoe getting pinned. Lucky to have a group of very handy folks to rescue the canoeist and the canoe! A great teaching opportunity for all the kids with us.

wheaton river shuttle

wheaton river canoe wrap