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Waiting Waiting Waiting

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Northern summers can be AMAZING things OR quite frankly they can be CRAP. It was a fabulous summer last year and there are lots of comments going round that those only happen once in ten years – UGH…. Either way, we are not off to a resounding start and this is definitely having an impact on us emotionally. Looking to build adventure into every day is a bit of a challenge right now.

tim christmas tree trail

Our goal was to spend the summer mountain biking and kayaking, with some work fit in around the adventures. Although the weather is not fabulous, we are getting out biking 2-4 times a week thanks to Hunter being in the Team Boreale Kids program. We are also fitting in some road biking as we train to participate in the Haines 2 Haines bike race (officially known as the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay) in a few weeks. We did this last year with some other families and had so much fun that we had to do it again.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.46.49 AM

The paddling side of things are not so great, which is an understatement… Rivers here are fed by glacier & snowpack melt and usually run for a brief window of time. It’s a bit of river hopping that you hope will work out with respect to when one river runs it’s cycle vs another. A “normal” season has the Wheaton run from late May to late June, the Tutshi from early June to mid July and then the Lapie from late June to the end of July. Our minimum level for the Wheaton is 15 (discharge), which means you are not having to walk your boat around gravel bars to make your way down the river but you are still leaving some paint in some places… Flood is around 60 and happy is in the 30’s. The last 2 weeks paddlers across the Yukon have been glued to the gauge readings and not thrilled. It looks like this is going to be a year of no flood and little Wheaton paddling 🙁

hunter tim paddle board

We did get out in the rain last weekend to test out some paddle boards on a local lake as we are thinking of buying 2 inflatable ones to be able to travel with.



There have been lots of wildlife sightings, which remind you about the beauty of the north, even when it is constantly on your mind when you are out on the trails…

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.19.17 AMThe weather prognosticators at the Weather Network think that this is going to be an “above normal” summer season here in the Yukon – at this point, I’m wondering if we have the same definition of summer…

Either way, we continue to search for ways to have fun and be active every day, to continue our efforts to purge and simplify and focus on what is important to us as a family. We’re also busy learning spanish for our winter adventures – more details to come!

Nevada – full of surprises

windmills 2 nevada

We were heading into Nevada specifically to go to Reno and paddle the Truckee Whitewater park. It was taking us 12 hours out of our way but the pictures looked amazing and the write-ups all said that water flowed year round… It was an interesting geographical change from Utah, as we drove into the Great Basin area with large expanses of flat desert landscape.

nevada snowy road #1

Surprise #1 was a pacific storm rolling in on the day we were leaving St. George. It was bringing high winds, low temperatures and precipitation to Northern California, all of Nevada and parts of Utah. Oh GREAT… We’ve done this once already in September in B.C. – should we start to anticipate this on a monthly basis???

nevada snowy road #2

Surprise #2 was learning that Nevada is the most mountainous state in the United States and that means when you are driving east to west (or west to east), all you do is cross summits! This makes for long driving and alot of work for the truck (aka poor Fordo).

nevada snowy road #3

When you put #1 and #2 TOGETHER you get 6 hours in a winter snow storm for what is supposed to be a sunshine filled, warm vacation! It also made for a long drive with a few held breaths as the truck started to go sideways going both up and down the hills. We even came across a road closure with State Trouper’s blocking the roads. Tim’s awesome driving left nothing to fear and we came through it all without a bump…

nevada snowplow

The really humourful part is that we are driving in more snow than they have at home in Whitehorse right now…

More to come on Great Basin National Park & Lehman Caves (where we camped at 7300 feet and were surrounded by snow) and our exceptionally quick visit to Reno.