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  • 30 days at the beach gone in a blink…

    30 days in California in the middle of a Yukon winter – ahhhh….BLISS! The only problem is that it flew by! As I shared in an earlier post, we weren’t really on vacation – we just moved our life for a month and shifted into different routines. Most days went like this… Get up and […]

  • Life relocated

    We have picked up and moved our lives to Oceanside, California for the next month. It’s not vacation – it’s just LIFE elsewhere… I am still working and school learning still happens in some way, shape or form. In addition to all the great things that come with being here (sun, beach, fresh food etc.) […]

  • Week Two in Oceanside – the Beach House

    Grandma Lynne generously rented a beach house in Oceanside for a week as everyone’s Christmas present this year. It was a great chance for Hunter to catch up with his cousins and for all of us to just “play”. Being right on the beach, everyone could just come and go from the ocean all day, […]

  • Life at the beach… 10 days in Oceanside was just what we needed

    When we got to Oceanside we were all tired. Tired of driving in the truck. Tired of packing up our stuff every few days and moving on. Tired of small disappointments (snow, no water in Reno, no beach in Santa Barbara). We rolled into the campground in Oceanside in the dark, after a long drive […]