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  • Secret caves at Cabrillo National Monument

      I have been trying to get to Cabrillo National Monument for the last two years but couldn’t interest the boys. After much internet research, I finally found a compelling reason – a secret cave! We did some research and found a day with extra low tide at a reasonable hour and made the plan […]

  • Sledding in the sand at White Sands National Monument

    We were missing snow so much that we rushed home for a quick trip to the Fraser¬†Summit – NOT!!! We did however have a fun 18 hours at the White Sands National Monument, where those of us that are very familiar with snow would swear that you are surrounded by snow piles not sand dunes. […]

  • Montezuma Castle National Monument, Cape Verde Arizona

    Montezuma Castle National Monument¬†is halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff in Arizona. It was created back in 1906 when President Roosevelt celebrated the passing of the Antiquities Act by declaring the first 4 National Monuments. The 20 room high rise “apartment” represents the Sinagua culture and civilization from over 800 years ago. After a very long […]