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Best ride of the week! Moab Brand Mountain Bike Trails

lee hunter moab brand trails 2nd time


Today was our best ride of the week…

With a cool morning (i.e. down near freezing), we were pretty slow to get moving for the day. I got some work done and the boys laid in bed and watched a movie. When we finally got ourselves going at noon, we went back to the Moab Brand Trails where we had ridden the first day. It was cool and windy out but the trails were fairly sheltered from the wind which was great.

We started out with plans to do the EZ/Lazy loop and discovered a new sign showing trail directionality and boy did it make a difference! We rode it the opposite way last time and it was not nearly as fun… big kudos to the trail builders – when ridden the proper way it had amazing flow. It is a 5km loop with 80% dirt and 20% slickrock, lots of ups and downs and it finishes with a fabulous set of curves and berms that flow together perfectly.

We had so much fun in our first loop that we decided to do it again. Hunter was revved up today and Tim bet him $1.00 (which I agreed to match) that he couldn’t catch the person in front of us on the trail as a way to keep him moving and focused – it was a genius move as Hunter powered down the trail and managed to catch 3 separate people on the next loop. He was very pleased with his $6.00 and I was left wondering if this counts as bribery or incentive and if there is a difference???

We broke for a late lunch and then headed back out on the trails. This time we headed left and took North 40 up to the top of Maverick, which is a flowing small downhill, and then back out North 40 to the beginning of the EZ/Lazy loop, which we knocked out a 3rd time. Hunter started the loop inquiring if he was still getting paid to pass people, and we agreed YES.

Overall we covered 20km of single track and Hunter rode the entire distance with a smile on his face. He also came away with $10.00 from passing people on the trails. It was a great last ride in Moab…


Mountain Biking – Klonzo Trails (Moab, Utah)

hunter tim wahoo trail klonzo

We continued to explore the Moab mountain bike trail systems and ventured out to the Klonzo area yesterday. It is 12 miles north of Moab and next to the Sovereign Trail off-road system.

lee klonzo trails

It was a great trail system built through a system of 4 loops and some connector trails. A 100% intermediate system, it was a nice mix of slick rock and dirt/sand trails. We chose to do the “turn right” network as recommended by the Utah mountain bike trails website. It was an 8.5k cross country ride with lots of variety and diversity.

lee klonzo trails 2



Mountain Biking – Dead Horse Point State Park (Moab, Utah)

lee hunter dead horse point view

After our really long day on the slickrock trails, we decided to switch things up and head out to Dead Horse Point State Park to check out the scenery and ride their new Intrepid Trail system. It is about a 30 minute drive north west from Moab and definitely worth the trip.

lee hunter biking dead horse point

It was a cool and windy day so we opted for the medium loop and rode 7km on a mix of dirt and slickrock. The trail was really family friendly and the best part was the amazing vista’s along the route… You can choose the “short” loop (about 2km), the medium loop (7km) or the long loop (13 km) and all of the loops are within each other so you can make your call on the distance once you start riding which is nice.

view dead horse point


dead horse point view 2

There was a salt lake at the bottom of the valley which seemed to be quite active. Hunter enjoyed watching the trucks come and go with the binoculars when we were back at the visitor centre parking lot.

salt lake dead horse point

Arches National Park, Moab Utah

family shot arches national park

Arches National Park  is an amazing place… there are over 2500 known arches within it’s borders and it is a marvel of geography and scenic vistas all at once. You just can’t help marvel at all of the rock formations.

scenic vista arches national park

We headed out fairly early on Sunday to try to beat all the traffic and drove 30 miles into the park to the Devils Garden Trailhead, which is a trail section that passes by 8 arches and goes from a fairly simple walking path to some fun scrambling near the end.

landscape arch - arches national park

Hunter is not a big fan of hiking but we bought him some hiking boots at MEC when in Vancouver, with the understanding that this meant he needed to actually “hike” now (vs complain after 1km about being tired). The scenery, diversity of trail and lots of snacks managed to keep him fairly amused and we made it almost to the end of the trail.

hunter tim window arches national park

The area around Navajo, Partition and Landscape Arch was the most fun as there was alot of free-form scrambling and you could go as far up and out as you were comfortable…

lee rock cap arches national park


hunter rock cap arches national park


After over 3 hours of playing, we were all ready to head back to the camper for some lunch and a rest. I’m sure we’ll be back again this week to check out another corner of Arches National Park!

Moab Mountain Biking – Brand Trails

tim biking moab brand trails2

With a forecast for a week of sunny and relatively warm weather, we were stoked to get out exploring on Saturday! With the news that the national parks were also opening, we decided to do a quick stop at the Arches National Park Vistor’s Centre to see if we could get on the Fiery Furnace Ranger led hike and then continue on to the Moab Brand Trails Mountain Bike area.

The line up to get into Arches was over 100 cars long – it was amazing (I should have taken a picture). I decided that it would be faster to run to the visitors centre to get the info while Tim and Hunter stayed in line in the truck. After 4 days of driving, it actually felt great to run, even if it was in my Keene sandals! The National Parks in Utah are only open due to the leadership of the Utah State Governor, as the Utah Government is paying the costs (approx $160k/day) for them to be open while the Federal Government is closed. This unfortunately means that not all the systems are working together, the National Parks reservation system being one of them. The Fiery Furnace Ranger hike is one that we did 8 years ago when we were here and it was amazing. At that time you signed up at the Arches visitors centre and you could only book 4 days ahead. Now you sign up online and can book 6 months ahead, but there is no mechanism for people to cancel right now due to the National Parks Website being down. End result – no signing up, even though many of the slots may be open due to people not showing up…

lee hunter moab brand bike trails

The Moab Brand Trails are about 15 km north out of town and are a small section of trails with a nice mix of green, blue and black trails. We thought this would be a great place to start out to get a sense of our abilities vs the local rating system. We started on a blue/green called Lazy that was mostly dirt with a little slick rock near the end – easy peasy. We then moved on to a connector trail called Bar-M with a slight uphill to get us up to Rockin-A, a blue/black slickrock trail. This was our first experience on slickrock and it was great! Lots of short ups and downs and small drops with amazing scenery in the background. This then took us to Circle O, another blue/black slick rock trail. By this time it is early afternoon and Hunter is getting tired, but after many rests we pushed through and finished with a quick dirt section on North 40.

lee hunter moab brand bike trails 2


hunter moab brand bike trails

13.6 km of trail overall – we continue to push Hunter’s endurance level, which takes alot of patience but is good in the grand scheme of things. It’s hard to remember that kids can be exhausted one minute on the trail and then 5 minutes later can recharge once back at the truck…

After a yummy lunch and some sunshine rest time, Hunter and I decided to ride the bike path back to town. It’s mostly downhill so we thought “how hard can it be?”. 17km later, with a slight headwind we were home – fully exhausted 🙂