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  • GoKarting – HUGE check off the bucket list…

    Hunter is the kid that sat on Santa’s lap at Disneyworld when he was 7 years old and asked for a drivers license (which totally threw Santa for a loop). His favourite ride at Legoland is the Driving School experience, which he would do for hours on end if he could… For five years he […]

  • Celebrating 100 Years

    Over fifty extended family members gathered in Edmonton over the Mother’s Day weekend to celebrate the  life of my Grandmother, Addie Manning, who turned 100 last October and passed away on February 1st, 2015. It was quite fitting that our events were based out of the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, which was also celebrating it’s 100th […]

  • Weekend in Houston with friends

    We recuperated from our week in Mexico by spending the weekend with friends Kelly and Phil that live in Houston, Texas. Based on our internet research the Houston area has a plethora of things for families to do, both indoors and out. I’ll declare up front that we did almost none of them! After spending a week […]