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  • Columbus for the win yet again!

    Our first experience in Columbus, Georgia was two years ago. We spent a week in late November and were so impressed with everything that the city had to offer – both on the water and off. It was definitely a “must do” for our travels this fall in the south east. Lucky for us, it […]

  • Finding your tribe as a road schooler

    As a homeschooler, a road schooler and only child, Hunter is not surrounded by other kids on a daily basis. Before we hit the road in 2013 we asked ourselves, and others, a lot of questions regarding how they deal with the “socialization” situation as road schoolers, especially with only children. Hunter was out an […]

  • Silver linings in Santa Barbara

    We headed down to the Oceanmesa campground at El Capitan State Beach, just north of Santa Barbara, with the goal of getting in some quality surf time. After spending 3 hours researching potential California beach locations and then trying to find available spaces, I was quite excited about getting there and putting down roots for […]