Category: Oregon

  • Bend Whitewater Park

    On our last trip we were really disappointed to discover that we had missed the window to catch the whitewater play parks in Idaho and Nevada. When we learned that there was a new play park opening up in Bend we decided to stop and check it out, even if the waters were low! We paddled it […]

  • Tillamook Cheese Factory

    There were groans and odd looks when I said that we were going to do a cheese factory tour as part of our drive along the northern Oregon coast. What??? Huh??? How interesting can that be??? Well – the Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour was a hit (hah!). I’m sure it helped that they also make Ice […]

  • Bonneville Fish Hatchery, Columbia Gorge (Oregon)

    It was another pouring rain day as we were driving along the Columbia River Gorge towards Hood River. Thanks to Tim needing to pee, we pulled off at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery for a quick stop. Tim ventured off while Hunter and I hunkered down in the truck, seeing no need to go out in […]

  • Bend, Oregon

    Many good friends told us that we HAD to stop in Bend, Oregon as part of our adventures. We took their advice seriously and spent some time reading up on all that Bend has to offer, and it looked great – mountain biking, whitewater kayaking right through town, funky cafes and an outdoor oriented culture. […]