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  • Kelly’s Whitewater Park – a family destination

    Kelly’s Whitewater Park is located in Cascade, Idaho – about 1.5 hours north of Boise. This was our 3rd stop here, and our first time coming during the “summer season”.  The first few days did not seem promising as we had big rains, cool winds and were watching snow accumulate on the local peaks out […]

  • Kelly’s Whitewater Park – a hidden gem

    Kelly’s Whitewater Park is located in Cascade, Idaho (about 2 hours north of Boise) and is absolutely a hidden gem for paddling families. Cascade is a quiet small town tucked into a river valley and surrounded by mountains. With a population of just under 1000 people the economy was historically driven by the Boise Cascade […]

  • Craters of the Moon National Park

    Our stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument was a fairly last minute decision – as we were driving eastward from Boise towards Moab Tim asked the simple question of “what else is there to do in Idaho”? Out came the map and we discovered that this National Monument was only 2-3 hours out […]

  • Boise Whitewater Park

    After our fabulous late season experience at the Bend Whitewater Park we decided to stop at the Boise Whitewater Park on the way east to Moab.  Unfortunately for us the water level had just dropped from mid fall levels of 400 to winter levels of 243 two days prior. Boise only has 2 waves that are […]

  • Idaho – sorry we were so brief…

    When we laid out our initial travel plans, we had anticipated spending 3-4 days in Idaho, looking at a combination of Mountain Biking and playing at the 2 whitewater kayaking parks. To our major disappointment, the water levels at both Kelly’s Whitewater Park and the Boise Whitewater Park plummet in early October and don’t return […]