Category: Florida

  • Gulf Islands National Seashore

    We said our final goodbye’s to family in central Florida the 3rd week of January and packed ourselves back into the truck and trailer to start our journey back to the west coast for February 1st. The Gulf Islands National Seashore sits on the Gulf of Mexico right at the southern border of Florida and […]

  • Ski Camp – Florida style…

      Just down the road from Aunt Shannon and Uncle Andy’s house in southern Florida is Quiet Waters, an urban state park with everything from walking and biking trails up to a cable wake board park. We missed our ski time at the cottage this summer so thought this would be a fun thing to […]

  • 160 km bike down the Florida Keys

    Back in March our brother in law Andy, who lives in southern Florida, shared that one of his bucket list items was to bike the Keys from end to end. Being adventurers, we thought “why not”… without really doing much thinking about the actual details. Fast forward nine months and we found ourselves driving from […]

  • Don’t let go!!! Fun on 4 legs at Ladyhawk Farms

    Our trip so far has been a mixed effort between not replicating what we did last time while still catching the things we loved. Horseback riding at Ladyhawk Farms was high on Hunter’s list to do again because we had so much fun last time. After his trail riding in August went so well, he […]

  • In search of Florida Wildlife…

    We LOVE canoeing on central Florida rivers – they are usually warm due to being sourced from a spring and chock full of a wide assortment of wildlife. We’ve had 2 fun days of paddling so far, with more to come in January when the manatees are back in full force. Our first paddle was up […]