An arborist in the making…

This summer Hunter discovered the job of “arborist” – a career choice that he knew nothing about until spending time with Grandpa and learning to cut down trees.

Grandpa Bob lives along the Thames River outside of London, Ontario. He is a marathon canoeist (remember the crazy 200km race we crewed for…) and very passionate about his canoeing. He is the guy that goes out and gets rid of all of the dead fall in the river so that everyone else can have a fun day out canoeing.

These adventures out into the river are a combination of canoeing (you have to paddle both upstream and downstream to get to the trees) and tree climbing/cutting. A great cross training activity, especially because it involves saws, knives and things with engines!

It also involves balance and core strength for when you are out on thin branches hanging over the river attempting to cut other logs…

Grandpa is definitely the resident expert at this but… don’t ask him how many saws he has dropped or lost in the river over the years 🙂 Let’s just say that he’s quite committed to the river, in more ways than one.

It was a pretty awesome way to learn new skills, get out on the water and have fun with family this summer.

Hunter would also like people to know that he’s available for any and all arborist work – he’s working on collecting his own set of tools and is only a phone call away!

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  1. Glad to see that there is a person in training to help Bob clear the Thames of deadfall. Perhaps the gene “to play with saws” is a carrier, because Grandpa Bob Vincent, son Tim Vincent and now Hunter, have all got it,

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