GoKarting – HUGE check off the bucket list…

IMG_2671boomersHunter is the kid that sat on Santa’s lap at Disneyworld when he was 7 years old and asked for a drivers license (which totally threw Santa for a loop). His favourite ride at Legoland is the Driving School experience, which he would do for hours on end if he could… For five years he has been asking to drive a GoKart but has never been old enough or tall enough.

Well – GUESS WHAT!!!

We spent a day at Boomers Fun Park, just down the road from our campground in Oceanside. Thanks to an all day pass I think Hunter drove the GoKarts at least 10 times. You could not get the grin off his face – especially when he and Tim started discussing which corners you could float around vs had to run tight and the intricacies of passing on the inside vs the outside. Nirvana.

Things got even more competitive when his cousin arrived on the scene and it was now Hunter vs Tim and Taeya, who talks a good game, even as the passenger…

In between GoKart sessions we had fun experiencing the rest of the park – the water boats were a great way to cool off from the heat of the day. Poor Tim got ganged up on more often than not by the pool full of kids!

Mini golf was OK but definitely not as action packed as the other activities. Hunter and Taeya were off for a speed round while Bodhi was fascinated with where the golf balls went through the various displays.

IMG_2678boomersA mid-day break at the old fashioned diner was called for after all this activity – no surprise on the milkshake team!

One of the best parts of the day was the batting cage – it was just so much fun! Tim hadn’t done it since his teens and neither Hunter nor I ever had… It took a few minutes to get the hang of it and then we were all off to the races with that satisfying “whack” of the bat connecting with the ball. We opted for the slowest version – with baseballs coming at us at 40 mph. The fastest one was 75 mph and that was noticeably faster!

It was a funtastic day, which ended with some very tired kids!

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