“Best Day Ever”…


I didn’t think that we could top go-kart racing but…. I was so very very wrong. Hunter has been wanting to play airsoft for the last year, which is really just an extension of his desire to find a community that will have complex nerf wars and  paintball games. I would like to be optimistic and say that this is all about “the art of war” but that just isn’t the case.

He is equally split between the strategy of the battle and the pure joy of running around (or squirming or crawling etc.) while armed and trying to hit someone else. I have NO idea where this joy came from but it’s definitely there. The one upside is that they spend 4-6 hours running around outside, which makes me happy.

San Diego has a very active homeschool group and there is a “Teen Activity Group” within the larger group. We were able to connect in with them and join in with a few boys to play Airsoft at Mr. Paintball in Escondido, CA. One of the main organizing boys was amazingly supportive and took Hunter under his wing, sharing some of his arsenal and generally helping him understand how things worked.

IMG_7083It was such an amazing experience that Hunter went again the following weekend and paid the $25 entry fee from his own savings. He is now busy plotting how to save up enough money to play every weekend when we are back in February and March!

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