Month: July 2015

  • Our first kayak festival – Kootenay Paddling Festival

    When we started looking at the calendar and trying to put together the pieces of the summer plan, one of our goals was to hit the Kootenay Paddling Festival in Crescent Valley, hosted by the amazing Chris and Andrea Ryman of Endless Adventures. It seemed like the perfect fit for our first festival experience – […]

  • Burns Lake – what more can I say…

    It was never a question in our mind that we would hit Burns Lake again on our way south. It didn’t even matter that we were going 2 hours out of our way based on our decision to come all the way down the Alaska Highway vs the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. It’s always tough to return […]

  • Making our way south – yet again…

    As I think I’ve said many times before, it takes a LONG time to get out of the North! Two full days of driving gets you to mile zero of the Alaska Highway in Northern BC, also known as the town of Dawson Creek, what is considered “northern” by most people… Our first pause to […]

  • We’re back on the road… Chasing the Sun Season 3

    We are back on the road again – for eleven months this time… it came about for many reasons, some simple and some complicated, but no matter how we got here – it is great to be wandering again! It has been a whirlwind the last few weeks and as we get consistent wifi there will […]