Month: January 2015

  • Finding your tribe as a road schooler

    As a homeschooler, a road schooler and only child, Hunter is not surrounded by other kids on a daily basis. Before we hit the road in 2013 we asked ourselves, and others, a lot of questions regarding how they deal with the “socialization” situation as road schoolers, especially with only children. Hunter was out an […]

  • Banos – adventure capital of Ecuador

    Banos (de Auga Santo) is a small city in the Andean highlands, just west of the Amazon Jungle, located at the base of the still active volcano Tungurahua. We all wondered why you would name a city “bathrooms” and learned that it’s name actually means “baths of sacred water”, in reference to the thermal hot springs […]

  • The Jungle Life in Tena

    Tena is a popular launching point for Amazon Jungle adventures, as it sits just on the western edge of the Amazon region. It has grown into a major regional economic centre and was historically known as the Cinnamon capital of Ecuador. For us, Tena meant meeting Abby Dent, aka “Jungle Jane”, whom Hunter and I spent the […]

  • Andean Eco-hub; Quijos Valley – Ecuador

    The Quijos valley sits on the eastern edge of the Andes mountains and runs all the way to the western edge of the Amazon region. It is moderate in temperature (spring like all year round) and can see rain on a fairly regular basis (any time, any day). These two features combine to create this […]

  • Quito – an eclectic metropolitan hub

    Our journey from Whitehorse to Quito was long and jumbled, due the combination of physical distance and us using airline points for a portion of the trip: Whitehorse to Vancouver Vancouver to Calgary (overnight at the Delta airport hotel for a whopping 5 hours) Calgary to Houston (departing at the obscene hour of 6:30 am) […]