Oceanside California – week one back at the beach

Tim & HunterWe are back in Oceanside, California for three weeks, splitting our time between the Paradise by the Sea RV Park and a fabulous beach house that Grandma Lynne rented for the entire family.

Week one was kicked off by a major winter storm that blew in and brought 3 days of rain, wind and big waves. Hunter spent those 3 days hanging with his local cousin and Tim and I were left to amuse ourselves with walks in the rain, multiple games of ping pong and pool at the RV Park games room and lots of reading.

When things finally cleared up we all hit the ocean with a vengeanceā€¦ We have a little wagon that we bought when we were here in October and now load it up with everything we need for the beach, while also carrying kayaks and surfboards.

Tim has a love/hate relationship with his new Mega Proton Surf Kayak – it has the potential to be amazing but he has to get through the learning curve first!

hunter and TimTim bounced between his surf kayak and my Jackson FunRunner all week. Some days were great and some days we all got quite beat up by the surfā€¦ We’re still learning how to read the surf report correctly (winds, waves, tides etc.).

The storm churned up the ocean quite a bit and it seemed to take about 3 days for things to settle back down. It was great when we saw the dolphins, seagulls and pelicans back.

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