A bowl comes to life…

hunter lee pottery wheelHunter has been asking to do pottery on a pottery wheel since we started the road trip. He saw it on TV at some point at home and thought it looked really neat. Thanks to AB Fine Arts in Carslbad, California we learned the art of wheel pottery from Mrs. Susan one afternoon. It is amazing what you can create in 30 minutes with one on one instruction!

In our thirty minute session Hunter was able to learn how to use the wheel, shape the ball, create an opening in the ball and turn that opening into a bowl shape. He had a fabulous time and it was neat to see how quickly it could all come together.

We took it home to dry and paint and then dropped it back off at Mrs. Susan’s house for firing and glazing. I was amazed at how much the colours changed and came to life.

hunter finished bowlThis is one pretty proud young man. He’s interested in doing it again so I’m hoping we can pick it up in Whitehorse this summer.

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