Pima Air Museum & boneyard

hunter pima airThe PIMA Air Museum is one of the largest Air & Space Museum’s in the world, and the largest non-government funded aviation museum. There are over 300 airplanes PLUS the entire AMARG boneyard…

We spent the morning walking through the 5 hangars plus taking a trolley tour of the outside display space. It is amazing just how many airplanes they have and how much information they are able to convey. Most of the guides are retired airforce personnel and you get lots of in-person, behind the stories along with the “facts” about each plane!

The AMARG boneyard is on an active airforce base so the tour came with a fair amount of security – lots of showing of passports to prove who you are and then you are loaded onto a big tour bus with no exiting anywhere along the way. It’s hard to convey the size and scope of the boneyard with photos through the bus window… BUT everywhere you look there are rows and rows and rows of airplanes. Some are old and have been put out to pasture, some are half apart being salvaged for parts, some are just not needed right now but might be needed again at some point and some are brand new and just being stored here as there is no space elsewhere.

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