Exploring Historic Savannah

dot stop & to go cupAfter coming all this way, we wanted to make sure we got to experience Savannah as a “city”, with it’s food, architecture and general vibe. It was cold and yucky out (in this photo I am wearing 5 layers, hence the lovely michelin man look) so we opted for a combination of public transit and walking.

A few cool things about Savannah – they allow open alcohol as long as it is in a plastic cup (note the plastic cup with my beer from the wonderful lunch we had at the Distillery restaurant) and they have a free public transit system called DOT that takes people around the downtown area to decrease use of cars and the need for parking. We hopped on the DOT and checked out the churches and plazas on our way to the river front area, where we had planned to transfer over to the free trolley.

The river front area is accessed by multiple sets of very steep historic stone staircases. The river front street is all cobblestone, which was built from the rocks that had been used as ballast for ships crossing the ocean and then emptied out on the shore as part of the unloading process when they hit Savannah.

There is a really neat 2 tiered street area just up from the riverfront where the building are built like a split level house with river front facing businesses and openings on that side and then street facing businesses and openings another level up facing the other side. There are these funky iron bridges and walkways that are used on the upper street and you can see right down to the cobblestone area as well.

After waiting for the Trolley for 10 minutes we found a sign that said the trolley wasn’t running (turns out it was at the Georgia Railroad museum for repairs). We set off to walk along the streets and explore our way back, which was really enjoyable but led us to arrive back at the Georgia Railroad Museum parking lot later than we had planned, causing our evening adventure noted in the postscript of that post.

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