Grooving with Grimm at the Colonial Quarters

colonial quaters grimm musket 2The Colonial Quarter in St. Augustine is a 2 acre property right in historic downtown that takes you through 300 years of life in St. Augustine, from founding in 1565 through to the late 1800’s after the civil war.

Your admission ticket includes a guided tour and it is one of the best we’ve ever been on. Grimm (our guide) was outstanding. He made history fun, approachable and understandable. You could picture it all right in front of your eyes.

colonial quarters blacksmith 2

We learned about ship building, blacksmithing, armoury, market trade and all sorts of fun things. We learned the difference between a british pub and a spanish taverna (pub’s are open to the PUBLIC, while taverna’s are focused on people of like role, standing or profession). We also got to see a musket firing. He took us all through the militia training with demo muskets and then fired the real one, which is louder than you expect it to be…

We went back to the Colonial Quarters later that night for a family magician show and holiday drinks/carols under the lights. Your admission is good for 7 days and it is well worth the visit…

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