In search of Sasquatch in Harrison Hot Springs

hunter sasquatchWe have splurged and are staying one night at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel so we can play in the hot springs. It’s a small resort municipality (vs town) an hour east of Vancouver, at the end of a road, that is 100% geared towards tourism. It also seems to be the home of the most Sasquatch sightings, which would go hand in hand with Sasquatch provincial park being just down the road.

tim harrison lakeWhen on road trips, our approach to hotels is to check in as early as possible to get the full benefit of running water, showers, roof over our heads, watching TV in bed etc. We showed up just after noon yesterday and hit the pools for the afternoon. They have 5 pools of varying temperature, with 3 being outdoor and 2 being indoor.

tea at harrison hot springsWe were sure to stop in the lobby for complimentary tea, cookies and cake at 4pm – it was packed! There is an older crowd here right now and this was definitely a hit with them.

harrison lakeThe rain was pleasantly absent so Tim and I had a nice late afternoon walk all along the lakefront and up to the head of the springs, which was found in 1858.

tim alice springs signWe’re off to catch one more swim and a big brunch this morning before heading out the door and starting our drive north, where there is still snow on the ground! These are the last beautiful blooms for a few weeks.

lee harrison flowers

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