Cumberland in the springtime

tim cumberlandWe had so much fun on the Cumberland trails in the fall that we wanted to make sure we came out again, especially now that we have a better sense of how to read the map. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the trail map is easy to read… we still had to stop a number of times to pull it out, ask other bikers or ride backwards up a down direction trail to get where we were trying to go.

A beautiful early season saturday had lots of people out on the trails and the local Rocky Mountain reps out doing bike demo’s. We decided to go for our ride first and then come back to ride a demo bike.

We rode up the access road, which Hunter does not love (a true downhiller at heart, desperately hoping for a shuttle ride) and then straight to the Crafty Butcher loop that is our favourite, thanks to all of the wooden features. I did this stuff in the fall a number of times and know I can do it and yet the butterflies STILL showed up – when does that go away???

IMG_1443We made it back in time to be able to take 3 Rocky Mountain bikes out for a demo ride. That was a potentially expensive decision as they were SWEET and we all found noticeable differences between the demo bikes and ours. Lighter, effortless on the uphills, the pleasure of full suspension for Hunter. Not in this summer’s budget but it’s never too soon to start saving for next year!

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