Month: September 2014

  • Everything’s better with water…

    After two months of fairly non-existent “summer weather”, Hunter and I headed east in late August to hang out with family at the family cottage (aka Grandma Lynne’s house) in Sturgeon Point. This year we were staying for just over two weeks to ensure that we packed in lots of water fun as well as […]

  • The moment it all came together…over a wood pile

    I quit my big important corporate job in May 2013 because I was convinced that there had to be a better way. A better way forward for me (less stress, less conflict for my personal morals and values) and for our family (more time together, less juggling, less frenetic). We then had a fun and […]

  • Today = why I love road schooling

    Today was a picture perfect example of why I am loving road schooling and the direction our life has headed. Although we are not on the road full time this year, I’ve decided that our approach to learning best fits in the middle zone between “homeschooling” (replicating the school structure but at home) and “unschooling” […]

  • Adventure camp in the west kootenay’s

    With Tim and Hunter off on a boys trip in Saskatchewan with Tim’s family, and continued fall like weather in Whitehorse, I decided to head to the west kootenay region for some warm weather kayaking with the great folks at Endless Adventures. What was planned to be a five day kayak session turned into a […]