Month: August 2014

  • Family trip down the Tatshenshini River

    We did a family trip on the Upper¬†Tatshenshini River yesterday as part of the Yukon Canoe and Kayak club’s youth program. Thanks to the great folks at Tatshenshini Expediting, we were able to tag along with a commercial group and have raft support for the kids so they could raft some or all of the […]

  • Unschool vs Homeschool vs Traditional School

    Our educational experience for Hunter has definitely been a journey. We¬†attended a traditional french immersion school from kindergarten until the end of Grade Three. Concerns about classroom size, social environment and actual learning brought about the shift in Grade Four to attend the first Montessori school in the Yukon, which provided a solid learning environment […]

  • Fun on the Yukon Spinwave

      Our local spin wave on the Yukon River is a great park and play spot – both for kayaking and for boogie boarding. It is a small fluffy hole that allows you to front surf, side surf and throw some freestyle moves like loops, cartwheels etc.. It was a rainy dreary day yesterday so […]