Month: May 2014

  • Homeschool weekend fun

    I am learning that homeschool doesn’t really function on a monday to friday 9-3 kind of schedule. I grab the learning opportunities when ever I can. I am also learning that if I just share something with Hunter, saying something like “check out this cool video” then he doesn’t consider it as part of his […]

  • The school of life – our first BIG decision

    Our first big decision has come and gone with respect to what our “new normal” will look like – we have made the decision to keep going with homeschooling Hunter next year. I have absolutely loved the experience this year while travelling – it has given us a front row seat to see what excites […]

  • Observations & thoughts from 8 months on the road

    We’ve been home for almost three weeks now and in some ways it feels surreal to think that we just spent the last 8 months living on the road. I can still vividly picture the day in September when we stood in the driveway and took the picture of us all loaded up. If nothing […]

  • Our favourite things from 8 months on the road…

    We have been home now for 2 weeks and are still transitioning back into things. The first question that EVERYONE asks us is “what was your favourite thing?”. That is a really loaded question and one that just seems impossible to answer, other than with the simple statement of “spending time together” or “visiting family”. […]

  • Where are you from???

    The most common question that we were asked on the road was “where are you from?” To most this is a fairly simple question to answer – not quite so for us. To begin with, we live in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory, which is in the far north west corner of Canada. […]