Mountain Biking – Dead Horse Point State Park (Moab, Utah)

lee hunter dead horse point view

After our really long day on the slickrock trails, we decided to switch things up and head out to Dead Horse Point State Park to check out the scenery and ride their new Intrepid Trail system. It is about a 30 minute drive north west from Moab and definitely worth the trip.

lee hunter biking dead horse point

It was a cool and windy day so we opted for the medium loop and rode 7km on a mix of dirt and slickrock. The trail was really family friendly and the best part was the amazing vista’s along the route… You can choose the “short” loop (about 2km), the medium loop (7km) or the long loop (13 km) and all of the loops are within each other so you can make your call on the distance once you start riding which is nice.

view dead horse point


dead horse point view 2

There was a salt lake at the bottom of the valley which seemed to be quite active. Hunter enjoyed watching the trucks come and go with the binoculars when we were back at the visitor centre parking lot.

salt lake dead horse point

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