Best ride of the week! Moab Brand Mountain Bike Trails

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Today was our best ride of the week…

With a cool morning (i.e. down near freezing), we were pretty slow to get moving for the day. I got some work done and the boys laid in bed and watched a movie. When we finally got ourselves going at noon, we went back to the Moab Brand Trails where we had ridden the first day. It was cool and windy out but the trails were fairly sheltered from the wind which was great.

We started out with plans to do the EZ/Lazy loop and discovered a new sign showing trail directionality and boy did it make a difference! We rode it the opposite way last time and it was not nearly as fun… big kudos to the trail builders – when ridden the proper way it had amazing flow. It is a 5km loop with 80% dirt and 20% slickrock, lots of ups and downs and it finishes with a fabulous set of curves and berms that flow together perfectly.

We had so much fun in our first loop that we decided to do it again. Hunter was revved up today and Tim bet him $1.00 (which I agreed to match) that he couldn’t catch the person in front of us on the trail as a way to keep him moving and focused – it was a genius move as Hunter powered down the trail and managed to catch 3 separate people on the next loop. He was very pleased with his $6.00 and I was left wondering if this counts as bribery or incentive and if there is a difference???

We broke for a late lunch and then headed back out on the trails. This time we headed left and took North 40 up to the top of Maverick, which is a flowing small downhill, and then back out North 40 to the beginning of the EZ/Lazy loop, which we knocked out a 3rd time. Hunter started the loop inquiring if he was still getting paid to pass people, and we agreed YES.

Overall we covered 20km of single track and Hunter rode the entire distance with a smile on his face. He also came away with $10.00 from passing people on the trails. It was a great last ride in Moab…


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  1. I would call it incentive. Looked like a great place to ride. Have fun love grandpa. Our river is still up so we paddle often.

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