Arches National Park, Moab Utah

family shot arches national park

Arches National Park  is an amazing place… there are over 2500 known arches within it’s borders and it is a marvel of geography and scenic vistas all at once. You just can’t help marvel at all of the rock formations.

scenic vista arches national park

We headed out fairly early on Sunday to try to beat all the traffic and drove 30 miles into the park to the Devils Garden Trailhead, which is a trail section that passes by 8 arches and goes from a fairly simple walking path to some fun scrambling near the end.

landscape arch - arches national park

Hunter is not a big fan of hiking but we bought him some hiking boots at MEC when in Vancouver, with the understanding that this meant he needed to actually “hike” now (vs complain after 1km about being tired). The scenery, diversity of trail and lots of snacks managed to keep him fairly amused and we made it almost to the end of the trail.

hunter tim window arches national park

The area around Navajo, Partition and Landscape Arch was the most fun as there was alot of free-form scrambling and you could go as far up and out as you were comfortable…

lee rock cap arches national park


hunter rock cap arches national park


After over 3 hours of playing, we were all ready to head back to the camper for some lunch and a rest. I’m sure we’ll be back again this week to check out another corner of Arches National Park!

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  1. I had plans on going to the Grand Canyon in 2014. This place seems to be just as beautiful. Thanks for the pictures love grandpa.

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