Rock Star Paddling

lee hunter on the water 2

The Rio Vista whitewater park in San Marcos, Texas is AMAZING…  The water is a consistent 72f (20c), the air temps are warm all year round and they have stadium lights so you can paddle at night. WOW WOW WOW

Ben Kvanli at the Olympic Outdoor Centre generously allowed us to camp in his yard about a block away from the whitewater park and on the banks of the San Marcos river. We got there Thursday afternoon and arranged to paddle with him that night – what an experience!!!

We wandered down the trail and hit the water just after 7:3o pm. The park has 3 waves with the first one having a 6 foot slide into a wave. We have a bunch of paddling goals for the year – Hunter getting his combat role, Lee  & Hunter becoming comfortable with drops and all of us spending more time in the water and having fun. The park was a great opportunity to play on the slide and get some time in the water. Doing it all in the dark made it soooo COOL!!!

Hunter also got to experience gates and the tutelage of Ben (Olympian), which was a great gift. He gained lots of confidence and came out of the water with a huge smile on his face.

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