Horse Riding at Lady Hawk Farm

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Ever since we were at the Haunted Headless Horse Farm, Hunter has been asking to go horseback riding – “and not one of those places where they walk you around!”.

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We had some downtime at Grandma and Grandpa’s and I was able to find a great place for us to go – Lady Hawk Farm. It is a small farm just north of Brooksville, Florida located right next to the Withlacoochee State Forest. They have 10 horses and specialize in small groups.

hunter getting to know the horse

It was a fabulous day. They welcomed Hunter with open arms and he got to help brush his horse Poncho as we got ready to go.

We were out for 2 hours and it was full of smiles. They have wonderful horses and it is a true testament to how well Susan has trained them that we were able to trot and gallop when out on the trails. Hunter was beyond thrilled. There were even times that he and Poncho were out front leading the pack.

The experience continued once we were back at the barn – we all got to feed the horses their reward carrots and then Hunter helped with the horse bathing to get them all cleaned up and ready to go out to pasture.

hunter washing down Poncho


We thoroughly recommend Lady Hawk Farm for any equestrian experience. They even have a small cabin that will sleep up to 8 people for overnight stays.

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  1. This was a great day for grandpa as he got to go with them. Hunter is a good rider and when the race was on he was out in front and I was not able to pass him. Sunny and 75 degrees today.

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