Gumbo Limbo Nature Centre

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The Gumbo Limbo Nature Centre in Boca Raton is a wonderful stop for families. It’s a non-profit, with entry by donation, and is part turtle rescue sanctuary, part research facility with the Florida Atlantic University and part aquarium with wonderful sea tanks to check out.

We arrived in time to watch the feeding at the deep water tanks. It was fun to watch the frenzy of fish as they all grabbed for food and yet managed not to grab each other!

We also checked out the Sea Turtle Rehab centre and learned some neat facts about all the different kids of turtles!

turtle rescue


turtle rescue 2

They also have a short boardwalk trail through the mangroves, along with a 40 foot observation tower where you can see both the beach and the inland waterway.

family photo

If you paid attention on the boardwalk, you could find lots of little critters… You even got to see Gumbo Limbo, which are red barked mangrove trees.

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