Mount Mcintyre, Grey Mountain or Carcross??

Whitehorse has been recognized as a top Mountain Biking destination by Outside Magazine and is consistently written up by various bike magazines. Living in the middle of 500 miles of trails that are a mix of single track, double track and old animal trails, makes us a bit spoiled.

The trail system in Whitehorse and Carcross has been built through tremendous investment of time, energy and money by locals and various government programs. The end result is a comprehensive network of trails that has something for every level of rider. We even have our own skills park with jumps, ramps, skinnies and a pump track.

hunter mt mac park

The three main trail locations are Mount Mcintyre (a world class cross country ski facility in the winter), Grey Mountain and Montana Mountain in Carcross.

With all of this just outside our door, we have been lucky to bike at least 2-3 times a week all summer long.


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