Wally Creek & Cathedral Trail

wally creek 4

Having had such a great time at our swimming hole (aka Wally Creek) on our way over to Tofino, we were all looking forward to the stop on the way back east across the Island. We we amazed at the difference – the “creek” was up by at least 8 feet!!! What you can see above is the top of the cave that Tim and Hunter jumped off into the water from. It had rained a good 24 hours out of the last 36 so this provided a great opportunity to pause and talk about geography, water run-off and river drainage systems.

lee & hunter cathedral trail

After a supply stop in Port Alberni (Canadian Tire, Walmart and Boston Pizza) we continued on down the road. With a break in the rain timed perfectly, we pulled off and explored the trails of Cathedral Grove. More geography discussions as we learned all about the make-up of forests, ecosystems and being able to recognize different types of trees…

lee & hunter hugging a tree


We’re looking forward to more old growth forests in Oregon and California!

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