The long and winding road to Tofino…

hunter driftwood

The drive from Qualicum Beach to Tofino is only a 2-3 hour drive but it is a super windy one… We had a midway pitstop in Port Alberni where we were please to discover a Canadian Tire (new camper battery) and a Walmart (new transport truck toy set for Hunter with his allowance).

We then  continued on the journey with hopes of a pit stop at the amazing Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park as we’ve been working on identifying trees and the attributes of forests as part of our geography work. Unfortunately we are tooooo big to park in the very small pull offs so we had to keep driving. Hopefully there will be less cars on our way back across the island and we can get in a small hike.

lee hunter falls

About 30km before the Tofino/Ucluelet junction road there is this amazing outcrop of rocks in a river. We discovered it last year when we came in October and were determined to stop again this year, with Tim having a vision of it being a fun swimming hole. At a minimum, the rocks are a great opportunity to take a break from the car and get out and do some scrambling around. Nice round bolders with fairly sticky surfaces makes for a really fun play time. The water temperatures weren’t bad and with the sun beaming down on us, you warmed up quite quickly. Even I got in at the very end…


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