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Yukon River kayaking

hunter & dad butt hole

Between the Yukon Canoe and Kayak club kids program and favourable weather conditions, we have been out on the river in town 3-4 days a week.

The Yukon river runs right through Whitehorse and is dam controlled by Yukon Energy. This means that the river levels change on an ongoing basis. Over a 2km stretch there is something for everyone:

  • put in right below the dam and get to experience hay stack waves, VW sized boils and an amazing green surf wave called the “Lava Wave”
  • put in 1 km down from the dam and you get a rodeo wave called the “Butt hole” – it’s positioned right below a major walking bridge so audiences are almost guaranteed. It’s great for freestyle tricks and the kids boogie board in it until they are comfortable being there with their kayaks.
  • put in 2km down from the dam and you are at the “Intake” (as this is where the water control building is) – it’s a man made bunch of wave trains that are amazing for learning and front surfing at all levels.

Hunter and I spend 80% of our time at the Intake while Tim splits his time pretty evenly between the three. His Intake time comes when he hangs with us and he keeps himself amused being the family camera man and clearing logs out of our little rock garden that we like to run through.

hunter yukon river swimming

The kids program has the kids spending alot of time swimming all of the rapids to ensure they are comfortable in the water and not scared when they swim in their boat. This is Hunter launching himself off the rocks at the Intake rapid.



Mount Mcintyre, Grey Mountain or Carcross??

Whitehorse has been recognized as a top Mountain Biking destination by Outside Magazine and is consistently written up by various bike magazines. Living in the middle of 500 miles of trails that are a mix of single track, double track and old animal trails, makes us a bit spoiled.

The trail system in Whitehorse and Carcross has been built through tremendous investment of time, energy and money by locals and various government programs. The end result is a comprehensive network of trails that has something for every level of rider. We even have our own skills park with jumps, ramps, skinnies and a pump track.

hunter mt mac park

The three main trail locations are Mount Mcintyre (a world class cross country ski facility in the winter), Grey Mountain and Montana Mountain in Carcross.

With all of this just outside our door, we have been lucky to bike at least 2-3 times a week all summer long.


Wheaton River – Yukon

wheaton river group shot

Yukon rivers are all snowpack fed and it’s always a crapshoot as to when the flows will happen. All paddlers in Whitehorse become amateur meteorologists come late May and there are daily discussions about comparisons of snow pack to last year and recent rain levels all in an attempt to figure out when the Wheaton River is going to “RUN”.

It’s a class 2/3 river that is about 45 minutes out of town and is located in the midst of an incredibly scenic river valley. It has a couple of different put ins depending on water levels and can either be a great half-day paddle on the weekend or a quick run after work during the week.

Local companies Yukan Canoe and Tatshenshini Expediting run courses on the Wheaton for anyone interested in learning more and experiencing the river.

This year the river ran in early June for a few weeks, quickly dropped and then came back again in early July thanks to multiple days of continuous rain.

Here are a few fun photos of one of our trips out – higher water levels lead to creative shuttles (ATV & trailer) and this year it opened up a channel that we don’t normally run and there was a near miss in the group with a canoe getting pinned. Lucky to have a group of very handy folks to rescue the canoeist and the canoe! A great teaching opportunity for all the kids with us.

wheaton river shuttle

wheaton river canoe wrap