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Homeschooling in the winter – Yukon style


We live in the Yukon, which means that in any given year winter can go from mid September until mid May… That’s 8 months or 8/12ths of the year or 66% of the year – ACK!

Last year we dealt with homeschooling during the winter by intentionally running away and it was GREAT. We travelled for 8 months and had a life of adventure that did not involve snow, other than a few incidental days. The ability to be outside most days is definitely a positive influencer on homeschooling options and our state of mind…

This year Hunter claimed that winter is his favourite season and he absolutely had to stay home to hang out with friends and snowboard. We, the silly parents, agreed (never again does he get a trump vote!).

While we have sprinkled our winter with intermittent adventures like heading to Tofino for Thanksgiving, Mexico and Houston for American Thanksgiving, Ecuador for New Years and California for spring break, we still find ourselves spending a decent amount of time here during a Yukon winter, which is challenging…

beautiful backdrop

beautiful backdrop

The saviour of our sanity is the local homeschool association – the Yukon Home Educators Society. Thanks to the efforts of these passionate parents, we have a broad array of programming, with something going on every week. This allows us to build a strong community and create connections – both for the kids and the parents.

first carving class

first carving class

Through out the winter we have group skating, dance, gymnastics and various arts programs. This year a small group of kids have started a first nations carving class that will run all winter long.

pre-season opening day

Mount Sima

We have also bought season passes to Mount Sima (our local ski hill) to help ensure that we get out and play as much as possible, even when it does feel cold and yucky. Hunter is taking part in a snowboarding program for kids each Saturday and this again forces us to ensure we engage with winter, whether we want to or not.

catching last turns at the Fraser summit

tim hunter snowmobile summit

While I missed my friends and my bathtub while we were on the road, Hunter missed his friend Gareth and snowboarding. He was greatly concerned that if he didn’t board this year that he would forget how and have to start all over again next winter.

IMG_1629March and April in the Yukon bring these amazingly BIG bluebird skies which make the snow and the mountains sparkle. We usually spend easter weekend up at the Fraser Summit camping and snowboarding/skiing/playing with friends and then get in one or two other weekends as well. The scenery makes your jaw drop and it is out of this world spring skiing conditions.

The weather this week has been great and driving back through the Yukon on the weekend you could still see a decent amount of snow on the mountains. We made the call to get organized and head out to the summit on Wednesday. This meant pulling out all the winter clothes + snowboards + getting the snowmobile running!

The snow was all plowed and melted from the roads and our normal parking lot was closed. We looked at each other and said…. 50/50 – what do you want to do? It was a 2 hr drive to get there and we had all our stuff and the sun was shining so we loaded it all up and headed into the mountains. Hunter and I boarded for 1.5 hours while Tim generously ran the shuttle snowmobile. We decided to head back when our legs got tired and the snow became a bit punchy (causes the snowmobile to fall through the crust).

A fabulous day in the mountains! We rounded it out by stopping at a country friends house on the way home and spending the afternoon having drinks on the deck in the sun and catching up.